counselling and psychotherapy

Many people wonder about the difference between counselling and psychotherapy.  I distinguish them by duration and focus.  Counselling is short term (say 6-12 sessions) and there will be a current crisis or issue which prompts seeking it.  Psychotherapy is the longer-term exploration of the whole self – there may be many areas of life and the psyche which are explored in depth, over time through the therapeutic relationship.

Counselling helps to restore equilibrium and a sense of self, whereas psychotherapy may be about the discovery of and deeper acceptance of the self.

For both counselling and psychotherapy my approach is insight-oriented – I seek to understand the dynamics and patterns (from the past, where relevant) that may be limiting or causing distress in current experiences and relationships. The expression of current feelings and thoughts in a connected conversation and relationship, with input and perspectives from me, allow you to make sense of your experiences.

My working model is integrative – drawing primarily from humanistic and psychodynamic theories of human development and therapeutic process.  I adapt my approach according to individual needs and wishes and the nature of the contract we agree.