Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy

I have completed a two-year training in couples and psychosexual therapy at post-graduate level and welcome referrals from couples and individuals seeking counselling for their relationship and/or psychosexual issues.

I work with the couple relationship in the present, facilitating support and connection where it has been lost or damaged and improving communication and expression between partners. The difficulties might feel temporary caused by current life stress factors, or more often express a deeper pattern within the relationship that needs addressing.

Where appropriate, I will explore the dynamics – understanding attachment patterns and relationships from childhood as they play out in adult life. I work with the couple to find healthier and realistic ways of being together emotionally and sexually as partners.

Sometimes a couple feel the connection is permanently broken and seek support to end their relationship with understanding, compassion and without bitterness.  Couples counselling can be as beneficial in ending a relationship well, as it can be to resolve an impasse or deepen the connection.

Psychosexual therapy can help with sexual difficulties such as loss of desire, sexual compulsions and problems with sexual functioning and orgasm. I work with individuals and couples combining psychotherapy with cognitive-behavioural techniques to help resolve issues.